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Experienced DUI Attorney in Milton, MA

DUI Law in Milton, MA

When your livelihood, relationships, and future are at risk because of DUI charges, it is time to call a defense attorney who can provide effective legal representation. Individuals accused of DUI or DWI offenses can face serious consequences in addition to incarceration. Reach out to an experienced DUI attorney in Milton, MA, for help minimizing the damage. 

Your Legal Advocate

The team at Jubinville Law has over 40 years of experience working with individuals charged with DWI and DUI. We will supply the legal guidance and advice needed to secure the best possible outcome and protect your rights under the law.

Protecting Your Future

Keeping your driver’s license can mean the difference between getting to your job or losing your employment. We will work to uncover the details of your case and protect your right to refuse to get out of the car, remain silent, or take a test. We work closely with government agencies and state and federal courts to defend your rights, including if it goes to trial.

Our office is ready to assist you 24/7, so give us a call as soon as you know there is a problem. The legal system never rests, and neither do our defense attorneys.

DUI defense from Jubinville Law can help you keep your driver’s license, which in turn enables you to keep your job. These cases aren’t always as clear-cut as they seem, and if your rights were violated in the process, the outcome could be quite different. Specifically, our DUI and DWI team protects your rights to remain silent and refuse to get out of the car or take a test. We work with government agencies and all state and federal courts, sticking with you even through trial if necessary. Call us as soon as possible if you’re arrested or charged with driving while under the influence.